profileA+ Work Needed

 Write a Three-Page on how to get workers at all levels of the company to become more aware of a cyber threat.  Offer a Strategic-Planning (Long Term planning, usually three to five years), and a decision-making process method of getting workers to be more aware of a cyber threat. 

 Write a FOUR-PAGE paper on why people are choosing Artificial Intelligence (AI) over humans when seeking a job.  With all of the hype, pomp, and pageantry like euphoria surrounding AI, discuss the pros and cons as to why millions are choosing AI for career advice.  Finally, discuss the pros and cons of whether AI, a contraption, with thinking abilities, is capable of discerning the future possibilities of a human.   

Write a Three-Page paper addressing the pros and cons of The Democratic, persuasive, and Laissez-Faire Management Styles.   Address the pros and cons of whether these management styles are applicable and reverent in today’s 21st Century workplace.  

Write a Four-Page paper addressing the newest type of organizational structure, flatarchy.  Offer a clear and concise definition of the term and why it is called flatarchy.  Write about why this type of company structure is beneficial in today’s workplace.  Conversely, offer an argument as to why this company structure is an impediment to a company’s objective and goals.  Finally, write about if this new structure is just another form of counter-culture in the workplace or is it the beginning of a structure that will sweep across the country.