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“Homeworkslaves.net is not about Slaves for Homework.

Homeworkslaves.net does not imply that doing homework is slavery.

Homeworkslaves.net is completely different from that.

It is the assurance that no matter the complexity of an assignment, the urgency, the time constraint, learners should never feel enslaved by homework.

It is the reassurance that when it feels like it is the case, someone skilled and ready to help is always on standby to help at an unbeatable fee. “

_Kathleen Bynum, Founder_



Why Homeworkslaves.

In our founder’s words, anyone looking for a homework slave is in the wrong place, because a slave is abused, underpaid, unpaid, and exploited. At Homeworkslaves.net, we only have experts. These are experts who are ready and willing to help you excel in any academic discipline. They only do so at slave-prices when compared to other alternatives out there. Services start at only $6 per page. For short discussions, you can get someone to help you at $1.

The Story Behind... Everything

The story of homeworkslaves.net dates back to 2015, when Kathleen Bynum, the founder, was only a senior. Being a student of Asian and American descent, she was often approached by different freshmen and sophomores to assist with their essays. The sheer number of learners who sought after her services was sky-rocketing, which made it hard for her to handle. Imagine having 40 students whose essays you have to review and edit – it was that hectic. Since she was also handling her own academic tasks, she went ahead and turned down all the clients, only taking in those who paid top-dollar for her services, and they were few.

After graduating, Bynum decided to do something. A short research on Google and she realized that so many students were looking for some sort of assistance with their homework. Their needs were driven by different things. For some, they needed to concentrate on other things, others wanted to go out on dates, others were working their day and night jobs, others were too tired to even get started on their assignments, while other just had too many assignments to handle. She thought there was a better way of handling this. A quick glance on twitter and the hashtag #homeworkslave and #homeworkslaves came up. She went ahead and looked up for homeworkslaves.com but oops, it was gone. She had to settle for homeworkslaves.net. After all, the most important thing is to get the students’ tasks done by qualified experts at affordable costs. She made it happen right here.

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Seeking help on Homeworkslaves is always affordable, fast, safe, and confidential. Work delivered is always of high quality, and original.

Very Supportive

Rated 5 out of 5
November 1, 2020

I hired a very supportive writer here.= and she delivered high-quality work. I will be coming back.