Digitial Forensics Homework

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Question Posted: Digitial Forensics Homework Greetings fellow Homeworkslaves Peers,I am a non-computer science major taking some cybersecurity electives to finish my degree but also out of interest. I have an assignment that is racking my brain. I tried emailing my professor for help but his only respone was “What did you find online?” (Which really irks me because WTF is the point of me taking a class to teach myself).Anyway, the gist of the assignment is finding a hidden message in a “JPEG” file. I say this with quotation marks because one of the weekly topics is misleading file extensions. I converted the initial Word file containing the document into a ZIP folder and made a copy of the “jpeg” that turned out to be an .emf file. I plugged it into a program called “Binary Viewer” trying to see if the translation to ascii would yield any information. I’m not sure what else I can do based on the topics covered in the reading. I’m not completley computer illterate but I’m also not super tech savvy either. I don’t want the answer just told to me because I want to understand the why and the how of the topic. I just need guidance in the right direction (what I thought my professor was for).

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