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Why an Honor Code for Homeworkslaves.net

We have an honor code because we are not just about good grades. We are also about honoring the rules of all educational institutions. We have this honor code to remind all users that they have some responsibility in ensuring that this platform is successful in ensuring that learners grasp what is taught and that they excel in tests, assignments, papers, etc.

By using homeworkslaves.net, users provide that they will uphold the honor codes included below and adhere to our rules and regulations. Doing so enables us to achieve our mission.

  • Plagiarism by copying solutions directly from Homework Slaves resources and submitting them as your own.
  • Uploading another person’s materials to Homeworkslaves.net and claiming them as your own.
  • Using Homeworkslaves experts tutors and writers to complete tests or homework assignments when instructed not to use outside help.
  • Offering to prepare or complete any tests, papers, or other assignments for other users when instructed not to seek outside help.
  • Approaching or asking any other user to prepare or complete any tests, papers, or other assignments that you will be submitting for credit.
  • Preparing or completing any tests, papers, or other assignments for another person, that you know, or should know, are to be submitted for credit by the person.
  • Using Homeworkslaves.net in any manner that violates your instructor’s or institution’s academic Honor Code or other academic policies.

Doing this ensures that Homeworkslaves.net promotes learning.


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November 1, 2020

I hired a very supportive writer here.= and she delivered high-quality work. I will be coming back.