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1. Case Study is presented below.

2. This is a Case Study incorporating your knowledge/experience with five concentration courses in the BAS in Health Administration, and your analysis and recommendations related to the case study provided to you.

3. Goal of 10 pages, not including title page, abstract or bibliography.

4. Must include Title Page, Abstract, and in the Body of the work: Introduction, Problem Identification, Issues Analysis, Proposal of Alternative Solutions, and Final Recommendation and Conclusions, and a Bibliography.

5. Graphs, charts and illustrations may not exceed 10% of the body of the work.

6. Font size: 12, New Times Roman or Arial only, double-spaced, 8.5×11 paper size, 1 inch margins all around.

7. Clearly reference (cite) factual information utilizing APA Guidelines.

8. Title Page must include: course name, course number, your name, college name, name of professor and date submitted.

9. Late papers beyond due date will receive a 10% reduction in grade for each day beyond the due date.

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