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QuestionQuestion 1 0 / 0. 15 points________________ approach music as a social process in order to understand not only what music is but also why it is: what music means to its practitioners and audiences, and how those meanings are conveyed. InSongwritersMusic journalistsOrganistsEthnomusicologistsQuestion 2 0. 15 / 0. 15 pointsAccording to the YouTube video interview with Dr. Suzel Reily, speaking about her training and work as an Ethnomusicologist, what are the two major categories into which people divide Ethnomusicology? Aria and RondoAnthropology and MusicologyImprovisation and InterpretationSonata and ConcertoQuestion 3 0. 15 / 0. 15 pointsBased on the same video interview with Dr. Reily, one important area of Ethnomusicological work is: FieldworkTime SignatureHarmonyThe orchestraQuestion 4 0. 15 / 0. 15 points_____________has the power to influence psychological aspects of behavior both consciously and unconsciously. The MetronomeMusicA tempo marking of PrestoAll of the aboveQuestion 5 0. 15 / 0. 15 pointsWhich of these are required for sound to “occur” in an environment? : a) A vibrating source to initiate soundb) A medium to transmit sound vibrations throughout the environmentc) A receiver to hear or record sound vibrationsd) All of the aboveQuestion 6 0. 15 / 0. 15 pointsIn music, the psychological term used to describe gradations of amplitude (loudness and softness of sound) is ___________. dynamicsallegrettomelodysymphonicQuestion 7 0 / 0. 15 points___________ is the quality of a sound or sonic event. RhythmHarmonyTimbreSyncopationQuestion 8 0. 15 / 0. 15 pointsThe “distance” between two pitches is known as an ____________. octaveideaintervalAll of the aboveQuestion 9 0. 15 / 0. 15 pointsA _________ _________is indicated at the beginning of a piece in the form of a fraction. The denominator indicates the chosen unit of measurement while the numerator indicates the number of such units comprised in a measure. Quarter noteMelodic lineKey signatureTime signatureQuestion 10 0. 15 / 0. 15 pointsA _____________ is a series of individual pitches, one occurring after another, so that the composite order of pitches constitutes a recognizable entity. It is the horizontal aspect of music. keybeatchordmelodyQuestion 11 0. 15 / 0. 15 points___________ is the rate of speed of a composition or a section of a composition which is measured by the number of beats-per-minute. PitchAccompanimentAndanteTempoQuestion 12 0. 15 / 0. 15 points______________ is the arrangement of durational sonic patterns or tone lengths that fall on or between a “beat. “TempoPitchTonalityRhythmQuestion 13 0. 15 / 0. 15 points_________ is an Italian musical term that indicates a gradual increase in tempo. CrescendoAdagioCodaAccelerandoQuestion 14 0. 15 / 0. 15 points_____________ is the simultaneous occurrence of three or more tones by which chords of music are constructed, and the system by which one chord follows another chord in time. HarmonyTonalityMelodyMeterQuestion 15 0. 15 / 0. 15 pointsAcquiring knowledge of music may create a deeper sensitivity in humans for their environment and social culture and it is generally believed to enrich life. TrueFalseQuestion 16 0. 15 / 0. 15 pointsMeasurable characteristics of sound are: Duration, Pitch, Amplitude, and Timbre. TrueFalseQuestion 17 0. 15 / 0. 15 pointsRepetition, variation, and contrast are the foundational procedures on which music composition rests. These important components are used in the creation of all the basic elements of music. TrueFalseQuestion 18 0. 15 / 0. 15 pointsThe Italian word fortepiano has two meanings. One is a sudden dynamic change marked in a musical score, usually with the abbreviation fp, while the other refers to an early version of the modern piano, the first instrument that enabled to create dynamic contrast depending on the player’s touch. TrueFalseQuestion 19 0. 15 / 0. 15 pointsForm is the entire body of the “musical event” which has a beginning and an ending. A complete “form of music” is called a composition, piece or a work. Musicians and others who speak and write about music use these terms interchangeably. TrueFalseQuestion 20 0. 15 / 0. 15 pointsThe music of all world cultures is notated (written on paper) in a musical notation system so that the music may be performed repeatedly. TrueFalse


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