Refund Policy for Refund Policy

At, we hate poor quality of work and late deliveries. We understand that these can mess our students. In case any of these happens, we have a money-back guarantee for students. Please go through this policy to understand which refunds we offer and the ones that we do not.

Factors leading to successful money backs. 

  • Lack of a complete answer to your question.
  • Unoriginal work with provided proof (Plagiarism score above 10%).
  • Abusive tutors
  • Excessive poor quality even after revision with provided proof.
  • Overdue answers – Work delivered past agreed deadline.
  • Lack of further help to the student within reason to comply with originally posted instructions. (Failure to revise following initial instructions)
  • Incomplete answer to the originally posted question.

We do not give refunds if:

  1. A student stays for more than the warranty period before asking for a refund. Our warranty period is 45 days (1 and a 1/2 month) since the day the payment was made. We do this to protect our tutors and the platform.
  2. In addition to point 1, above, we do not issue refunds if work is already submitted by a student for grading. Our service does not guarantee grades because that is based on the students’ instructors. If a student does not assess the work within 1 month, the tutor is free to ask for the release of the money and the student cannot be refunded to the original source. We do this to safeguard the privacy of our students and possible backlash from disgruntled tutors.
  3. A student has already finished the question, released funds, and rated the tutor.
  4. The tutor offered to revise work but the student declined before the question’s deadline.
  5. The student posted a similar question twice and selected tutors in both cases.
  6. Poor quality in general (Reviewed by subject experts), especially if the student already submitted the work. This is both for the student’s safety where tutors may sell the work after approving the withdrawal and to safeguard the interests of our tutors. Essentially, poor quality claims are weighed against the instructions, and refunds are only issued if the delivered work differs substantially from the instructions.
  7. Post-submission/low-grade refund claim after an initial satisfactory review. Students should go through the work delivered by tutors before submitting it. Once they go through the delivered work, ask for revisions, and submit the work only to claim refunds days later for low grades, we do not approve such withdrawals. We do this to safeguard the student against being reported, or having their papers plagiarized. (This does not apply to online Q&A quizzes where the tutors have to provide good grades)

How to effectively file a withdrawal/refund request

Once you click on the “Withdraw Button”, fill the withdrawal form with reasons for your request. To make it clear for the support to expedite the withdrawal, you should provide as much information as possible.

Note that all refunds are given as credit on your student funds balance where they can be used to pay for questions. In select cases, we offer refunds to a student’s source account with a subsequent account reset.

Some Reviews from our Students

Very Supportive

Rated 5 out of 5
November 1, 2020

I hired a very supportive writer here.= and she delivered high-quality work. I will be coming back.