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  • hwslave4men

    English professor

    Experience: 23 years 0 Question Answered $0 earned

    Long-term homework slave for the discerning gentleman.

    I am a college professor with 23 years’ experience. I have taught English language and literature, history, geography and computer science. I can write using American or British English.

  • proffkizzy


    Experience: 10 years 0 Question Answered $10.00/hr $0 earned

    I am a professional academic writer with an experience of 10 years.



    Experience: 2 years 0 Question Answered $10.00/hr $0 earned

    Hello, I am a professional academic and writing research with 0% plagiarism and grammar error free

  • Charity Nyaboke

    A geography business teacher

    Experience: 6 years 0 Question Answered $20.00/hr $0 earned

    A professional academic writers providing the best quality support and assistance to students with Assignments, Essay, Thesis, Dissertation, Online exams. I am good in APA, MLA, Chicago and Havard writing styles. My work is 100% originally, no plagiarism and no gramatical errors.

  • Nurse Mark

    Student Nurse

    Experience: 3 years 0 Question Answered $2.00/hr $0 earned

    I am a 3rd Year Student Nurse. Whenever you need assistance with your case analysis or making a comprehensive Nursing care plan, I got you! But my skills and knowledge do not limit to the nursing field. I can also offer you eloquent write-ups.

  • Miss Fai

    Professional Freelance Writer

    Experience: 3 years 0 Question Answered $10.00/hr $0 earned

    I will write original content for yours essays and research articles. I will also provide modern Power Point Presentations and sway presentations. Feel free to place your orders.

  • Dr BestWriter

    Dr. BestWriter

    Experience: 9 years 1 Questions Answered $19.00/hr $30 earned

    I am the best,

    Hire me.

  • Professor Leah

    Professor Leah

    Experience: 7 years 2 Question Answered $25.00/hr $92 earned

    Hi, I am Leah. 

    If you let me, I will be your professor for your online assignment help needs. I help students with assignments, term papers, essays, discussion works, etc. Having worked with over 100 students now, I am your best bet when you want professional work, delivered on time, every time you need it. Hire me now for a long term engagement. 

    If you’d want to send me a message, kindly do so after posting your question. 

    Good bye…

  • Prof.Stanely

    prof Stanley

    Experience: 5 years 4 Question Answered $12.00/hr $100+ earned

    Thank you for visiting my profile. 

    I am a professional academic researcher and writer. I have 3 years of experience, which has given me a chance to work with numerous students. I have handled tasks in all academic levels; from high school to PhD. Hire me now and you will never regret. 

    You may be wondering the subjects I am proficient in. Here you go 

    Mathematics English. Literature. Geology History Architecture. Accounting. Rocket Science.

    Basically, anything that could be researched…

  • DrAceIt

    Dr AceIt

    Experience: 6 years 0 Question Answered $22.00/hr $0 earned


    I am Dr. AceIt. 

    I have been tutoring for the last 8 years. I am the best tutor for you to hire here on Homeworkslaves. I literally slave to ensure that every student scores a high grade. I will handle these subjects: engineering, architecture, data analysis, any essay work, lab report, among others. Please assign all your assignments to me. I always deliver above expectations. 

    To message me, first post your question, and then send me a message on…

  • Kelvin_K

    Experience: 0 years 0 Question Answered $0 earned

    I am a qualified content writer with more than 4 years in the industry. My field of specialization includes research papers, proposals writing, articles writing, creative writing, summary writing, proofreading among other services. I enjoy reading and summarizing novels, movies, and other articles in any field. I have a great passion for working with people across the globe. If you are looking for quality and competent solutions to your needs, hire me, and get the best.

  • MustardProf

    Mustard Prof

    Experience: 12 years 1 Questions Answered $12.00/hr $50 earned

    I only take what I can handdle, and promise an A on it. Hire me to trust me.

  • Henryprofessor


    Experience: 11 years 2 Question Answered $10.00/hr $1k+ earned

    Work with me for the best grades. EVER


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